Projects implemented

Electronic Document Management System IS-DOCFLOW

IS-DocFlow is automation system for clerical work, intended to carry out operation monitoring of the flow of documents in the course of their execution, as well as for analytical, statistical data processing on documents and their execution

Integrated Banking System SMART-BANK

IBS SMART-BANK – Integrated Banking System of the company Intelligent Solutions, a universal solution for banks. Currently, the largest banks of the Republic - Pakhta Bank and the National Bank - have chosen the system SMART-BANK as the basic technology platform. Our clients are also such banks as Kapital Bank, Ipak Yuli Bank, Infinite bank, Davr Bank, Asia Alliance Bank and High-Tech Bank.

Automatic information system for operation management center of emergency service

The system of rapid response OperSystem is designed to automate the receiving, processing and accounting information required for operational management of the emergency service forces, coordination of separate services in the event of an emergency.

Automated System IS - elQueue

The system is designed to regulate and count flows of clients in the queue and for their invitation to the service windows. It is applied to all companies working with a vast clientele.

IAS for insurance companies

Collection and systematization of information on the contracts of insurance and reinsurance, data processing, analysis and forecasting.

Savings Pension System

A software complex Savings Pension System ensures the maintenance of personal registration of citizens, opening and maintenance of individual savings pension accounts of citizens and other aspects of operation of the fund for accumulation of pension funds of citizens.

Avia BusinessProcessing (ABP)

A fully automated system for processing an airline company, which includes aspects such aspects as processing transportation documentation, accounting of finances, accounting of movement of registered high-security forms, auditing, and much more.

Billing System COM-Billing

The project provides management of accounting information for all subscribers, and also monitors the balance of each subscriber at the current moment and for any settlement period. Management of accounting information for objects and inputs is implemented. In addition, the system provides the possibility of recording and processing information on the survey of facilities and accounting of water consumption and reception of sewage.


The system of automation of activities of an insurance company associated with CCLI - Compulsory civil liability insurance of automobile owners.


 The system of providing financial services to a broad clientele IS-Retail-24/7 was created based on Client-Server architecture where the client is a user's browser, which allows any customer of the bank to carry out full financial activities having on hand only a computer with any operating system, a browser and access to the Internet.

The system provides a full range of electronic banking - statements of accounts and cards for any period, opening and maintenance of accounts and cards, soums and currency remittances, payments and invoice payments, opening and repayment of loans, investment of funds on deposits, work with cards and many others.


 IS-Bank-24/7 system of remote banking service to legal entities

The processes of informatization of society, development of the computer industry and increase the accessibility of the Internet necessitate the introduction of new information technologies. This project became an important part of this strategy and is one of the logical components of the Integrated Banking System (IBS).

National Payment System Uz-To'lov

Uz-To'lov - National payment system, which allows to accept payments from people in favor of service providers: mobile operators, telecommunication systems and Internet service providers, payments for utilities, telephone, etc.


With the development of market relations in the banking sector of economics competition among market participants increases. Private structures introduce their own payment system, thereby creating direct competition with state banks. Keeping previous and attracting new customers becomes increasingly difficult for the banks, requiring new approaches.

ensioners accounting

 Automated system of accounting pensioners and calculation of military pensions ensioners accounting


The system of collecting and processing information IS-SCPI

IS-HR management

Automated HR management system IS-HR management

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