Proposed solutions

Electronic document management system

It is not a secret that the basic paradigm of management of any enterprise is a documentation method. It is a Document that always performs as a universal soldier fighting for the efficiency of interaction both between structural units within the company, and between the company itself and its business partners, customers and parent bodies. Today, many managers are forced to adhere to the principle as: "If the decision is not documented, it simply does not exist." Is it formal? But effective.

Integrated Banking System

IBS – provides automation of modern banking business and has a flexible configuration system, supporting single technology of work and efficient management of business processes at all levels of the organizational structure for geographically-distributed work of a multidivisional bank.

Billing system

Billing System is a modern complex process of automation of service processes and transactions with all types of consumers. The system should provide effective mechanisms for managing and controlling relationship with customers, while reaching centralization and systematization of information on resources consumed and providing a base for services.

Avia BusinessProcessing (ABP)

ABP is the solution of complex automation of financial activities of an airline company. Such solution ensures better management of airline company activities through the creation of single information space, covering the entire production process.

TURNKEY developments

Along with the creation and implementation of own software products Intelligent Solutions is actively practicing the development of systems by specific customer requirements in the form of turnkey

Automation of an insurance company

Each insurance company faces several problems solution of which with old methods is not only inappropriate, but even no longer possible. Insurance - is a priority task for both the State and for the financial sector. Power institutions such as the Ministry of Health, commonly introduce compulsory health insurance, and car owners have long forgotten the days when the word insurance policy seemed foreign.

The system of providing financial services to a broad clientage

The main competitive advantage of modern financial institutions that strengthen its position in the market, is expansion of activities in the retail segment. Banks are actively working with individuals through increased sales of such products as international transfers, plastic cards, auto loans and consumer loans. Diversification of income sources is gradually improving as a result of expanding the range of services.

System of remote banking services to legal entities

The system Bank-Client allows organizing document management via the Internet between the Client and the Bank under paperless technology and is one of the ways to prepare and deliver to the bank, first of all, payment, as well as other documents from the bank's Customer.

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