Proposed solutions

Electronic document management system


In the ever-increasing growth of volumes of activities of a modern enterprise - surely, sooner or later, in a geometric progression the speed of processing documents will slow down, and more importantly - the quality of managerial decision making will decrease. Huge, already accumulated and still continuing to form arrays of paper and electronic documents that must be some way stored, processed, brought to the attention of or to performance - will grow. And one day surely will come a time when a multi-storey paper card-castle will fall apart, leaving behind the ruins of unstructured papers and electronic files scattered on personal computers. Then what to do?

The best way to solve the problem is to use special software - Electronic document management systems.
The system should implement the following functions:


  • Single information space that unites staff at the level of general business processes and business rules of collective work with documents
  • Cheapening in storage of paper documents by placing them in electronic form
  • Reduction of paper filings and resource savings by minimizing the costs of managing document flows
  • Simplification of getting information about the current state of the document or business process in general, flexibility in controlling access to the full range of documents
  • Improving the quality of managerial decisions made through completeness and timeliness of the information provided
  • Support for a single standard of work with electronic documents, ensuring harmonization, formalization and strict regulation of paperwork technologies
  • Presence of several types of interfaces of work sites, reflecting the specificity of work with the information for different categories of users
  • Providing instant access to documents via web browsers or desktop applications
  • Protecting information from unauthorized access and elimination of information leaks
  • Creating of legally significant electronic document management
  • Implementation of unified corporate culture


The system of document management should implement the whole cycle of work with documents: to create, record, generate orders for documents, edit, coordinate, transmit, monitor performance, sign documents by means of digital signatures, create the archives, store in various formats for a specified period, archive, destroy, etc.


Strictly speaking, the Electronic Document Management System is a combination of the following software modules:


  • Registration of all types of documents
  • Distribution of documents by executors
  • Differentiation of access rights
  • User boxes
  • Internal correspondence
  • Centralized management of guides
  • Alert users about the timing of the execution of documents
  • Execution monitoring
  • Search for documents by their attributes
  • Reports
  • Planner of reports to regulatory organizations
  • Integration with mail servers
  • Libraries
  • Web-client
  • Registration of citizens’ applications
  • Setting up additional user interface languages


Users of the system, having received the basic knowledge, can always independently tune to corporate structure of any complexity, implement non-standard sequences and the rules for handling documents, and create various logical functional AWS (automated work sites) sets.


Electronic Document Management System IS-DOCFLOW


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