Proposed solutions

Integrated Banking System


Integrated Banking System provides:


  • Transition from the accounting principle of building the system to full-scale implementation of processing principle
  • Increased functionality of the system both in wholesale and in retail operations
  • Providing mechanisms to facilitate the maintenance processes and maintenance of updates
  • Information Security
  • Providing mechanisms for internal and external audit


The basic idea for designing such a system was the transition from the accounting model of operation to the system in which the system of document management is at the main level, where the accounting multicurrency multidivisional Main ledger is an integral part. Implementation of the system is based on the three-level architecture client-server using the intranet/internet technologies. The basis of the functional subsystems is the core of the system, which implements the processing operating elements in a strict hierarchical order:


banking transaction - document - event - transaction


IBS Geographically distributed architecture


Depending on the availability of capacities of corporate data transmission network of a commercial bank, various architectures of IBS building are offered:


centralized architecture with ONLINE - access mode with IBS from all divisions of a commercial bank


distributed architecture with the consolidation of transactions in a centralized database of the head office in the mode (OFFLINE)


IBS technical structure


Originally IBS structure is multidivisional, - A centralized database is a continuous space of accounts and customers, created on the basis of a multidivisional Main ledger, where information from branches differs by ID of the branch.


A centralized database is based on the principle of OLTP and is intended to receive Single balance, providing work on a single correspondent account, to get reports in a special archive server.


The system should produce primary control of information and its culling in case of violations of the integrity with the formation of relevant communications in the branches, as well as for reporting on one branch or on the whole bank on the basis the formed repository.


Analytical capabilities

Base of the analytical system is a centralized data repository, where information is accumulated, downloadable from OLTP systems, on the basis of which the following methods of analysis have been implemented:


  • Credit Risk Management
  • Dynamic and structural analysis
  • Analysis and management of liquidity
  • Analysis of profitability
  • Analysis of financial indicators and ratios
  • Analysis of customer base
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Ratings of banks


Integrated Banking System SMART-BANK


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