Quality policy


Quality Policy of the Company INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS 


"If you want to do something, do it perfectly"

The quality policy is a part of our strategy for Company growth, aimed at consolidating the leading position and strengthening the competitive position in the market of information technologies and software products of Uzbekistan with output to international markets

The basic philosophy of Company Policy in the field of quality - customer perception of problems as its own

The main mission of the Company - providing Customers with products and services in accordance with their expectations and needs.

The senior management of the company INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS deems the Quality Management System (QMS) an essential element of the Quality Policy of the Company and considers the Quality Management System as an effective tool for building effective business processes and management.


When implementing the Quality Management System, the Company has identified:

  • the processes needed to improve the effectiveness of the QMS, their sequence and interaction
  • criteria and methods needed to ensure the effectiveness of the QMS
  • resources and information necessary to support these processes
  • ways to monitor and measure these processes
  • measures to achieve planned results and continuous improvement of the processes existing in the Company


The senior management INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS declares:


The Company's objectives in the field of quality:

  • Strict compliance of the developed software products and provided services with customer's requirements, international, national and corporate standards
  • Bringing the level of products and services to the level of world's leading companies of an appropriate profile
  • Achieving the optimum balance of price and quality of products and services
  • Formation of the company's image as a modern high-tech company enjoying the confidence of its customers


Senior management of INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS declares:


The Company's strategy in the field of quality:

  • Creation, maintenance and execution of documented procedures and regulations in accordance with the requirements of international standards series ISO 9001:2000
  • Orientation of the Company to process model of management and its continuous improvement in line with market demands by re-engineering of business processes
  • Improving the developed and creation of new versions of software products
  • Maximum use of processes and technologies that determine qualitative characteristics of the product
  • Introduction of the system of quantitative indicators to assess quality
  • Strict monitoring of quality assurance at all stages of project life cycle
  • Direction of work to the prevention of lowering quality
  • Systematic market research, analysis of the demands, concerns and expectations of the Customer
  • Ensuring transparency of information about the quality management system adopted by the Company
  • Priority solution of quality problems in the chain staff - technology - organization
  • Clear division of powers, duties and responsibilities of each staff member, involvement of all personnel of the company in its efforts to improve the quality
  • Promote business activities of personnel, systematic improvement of professional training
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